Almond Pistachio Rolls (Almond Pista Rolls)

Almond Pistachio Rolls are cylindrical shaped Indian, subtle nutty flavored mithai. The rolls are made of layer of ground almond mixture filled with pistachio dough. This mithai is less sugary but its taste will not disappoint any sweets lover.

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Makes 30 pieces

For the pistachios (inner layer):

  • 1 cup pistachios
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 pinch saffron
  • ½ tsp cardamom powder
  • 2 tsp milk
  • green color (optional)
  • about 8 tbsp water

For the covering:

  • 2 cups almonds
  • 1¼ cup sugar
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 2 tbsp milk powder

For decoration: silver foil

  • Preparation time: 1h 30 min
  • Cooking time: 30 min

How to make Pistachio and Almond Rolls:

For the pistachio dough:

  1. Put the pistachios into boiling water for 4-5 minutes.
  2. Drain, remove the skin by rubbing on a piece of cloth and grind into a powder.
  3. Mix the sugar in 8 to 9 tbsp of water and boil in a broad vessel until it forms a soft ball.
  4. When the syrup reaches one string consistency, add cardamom powder and pistachio powder and allow to cool.
  5. Warm the saffron in a small vessel, add 2 tsp of milk and rub until the saffron dissolves.
  6. Add the saffron liquid and the cardamom powder to the pistachio dough. Add the green color (optional).
  7. Roll out the dough and make small rounds.

For the almond dough:

  1. Soak the almonds in water for 12 hours. Drain and put into boiling water. Cover and leave for 10 min.
  2. Drain the almonds, remove the skin and drop into cold water so that they do not discolor.
  3. Grind with a little water in a grinder. Add the sugar and cook until the mixture forms into a dough. Leave for 5 min.

How to proceed:

Method 1.

  1. Roll out the almond dough and cut into square pieces which exactly cover pistachio rolls.
  2. Place a pistachio roll on an almond square piece and roll up.
  3. Repeat with the remaining pistachio and almond squares.
  4. Decorate with silver foil, cut into small pieces and serve.

Method 2.

  1. Roll the almond dough on a wax paper into a thick rectangular shape.
  2. Roll the pistachio dough into a long cylindrical shape.
  3. Place formed long pistachio roll over the almond rollout.
  4. Gently roll the two by lifting the wax paper into a roll, to cover the pistachio mixture completely. Pat the roll gently.
  5. Place it in the fridge for 20 minutes as the rolls seem to be soft. When they are harder they will be cut easier.
  6. Cut into smaller rolls.

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