Happy Ice Cream Time!

When we think about Ice Cream, we usually think about flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or maybe coffee. But not in India, where first choice would be kulfi, mango, or rose ice cream. Each flavor is a celebration of some of the world’s best natural ingredients. I am not sure if making ice cream is more science or art. But I know that if you combaine both you will never forget unique flavors of your creations. Turn your icy exotic treats into Insta-sherable memories! Discover unforgetable flavors.

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Indian Ice Cream Recipes

We offer a range of decadent Indian sweets prepared with the finest ingredients and Get Desi Snacks to fulfil your Indian Craving

Summer provides a fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to pair with your favorites from the grill. The following tasty recipes are sure to tantalize your taste buds. So, lunch in the back yard and have a possibly the best outdoor meal!

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Salads can be vibrant, flavorful, healthy, and fun! They’re a great way to add color and freshness to any dinner table
Experiment with different recipes, greens, and toppings as you go
You must try theses easy, quick and healthy vegetarian salad recipes.

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Raita - This Yogurt-Based Condiment mixed with vegetables, fruits. It is seasoned usually with spices like roasted ground cumin or along with some herbs. In India yoghurt is relished at all the meals. helps to cool the heat of spicy food. Served as a side dish, dip or sauce with side dishes.

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There are many different types of Indian bread, all of which are interchangeable and can be chosen according to the taste.
Stuffed bread can make a meal on its own with a vegetable curry and some chutney. Breads can be even used to make sandwich wraps.

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