Do not drink your tea just plain. Try Spiced Indian tea (Masala Chai) recipes

Tea, known as "Chai" in India, is the main drink in most Indian homes. Tea is often infused with spices to make "Masala (Spice) Tea". Most commonly used spices are cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, fenugreek, fennel either alone or in combination with other spices. Although tea is a hot drink it is extremely refreshing in hot weather.

It’s also important to remember that tea is also nutritious. Tea helps you to heal in all different ways, boost your immunity, reduce high blood sugar, reduce stress and it is a great source of energy.

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Tea is drunk in many countries of the world, and each one has its own particular ways for preparation and service. Tea can be served hot or cold, or it can be the base for other drinks such as punches or even it is used to impart flavor and color to foods. Teas can be made from many spices, such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fennel, caraway, citrus, star anise, ginger, fenugreek, and sesame, either alone or in combination with other spices. All the teas produces in India are black teas. Black tea is drunk strong, often with the addition of a stick of cinnamon, some cardamom pods. Assam is on of the classic Indian teas, this is grown in the Brahmaputra Valley in northeast India. The taste is strong and malty. The best quality Assam teas contain the "tips" or unopened buds, from the bushes and are known as Tippy Assam. Darjeeling is another popular tea from Northern India. It has distinctive, delicate flavor. The small, broken-leaf grade produces a light, golden drink with a subtle flavor. Bushes from the highest tea gardens in the foothills of the Himalayas have large leaves that produce teas with a unique "muscatel" flavor of perfumed grapes. The most notable of all the various Darjeelings is Darjeeling Broken Orange Pekoe, which is sometimes called the champagne of tea. One of the most exotically flavored teas is Kashmiri tea, which is a blend of green and Darjeeling tea flavored with a mix of crushed green cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves, chopped almonds and pine nuts.

Proper brewing is essential for good flavor. Use fresh cold water from the faucet and bring to a boil. Pour the water, add tea leaves to the browing pot, stir and leave to stand for 3-5 minutes. Stir again before serving. Herb teas are the oldest and most reliable form of supplementation known to humankind. When the active components in our carefully selected herbs are infused in hot water, they are available for absorption in the body. Immediately these soothing liquids provide hydration and a fresh herbal taste.

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Try these infused with spices Chai (Indian Tea) recipes

Try our best regional snacks recipes you can team with your hot beverages. The choice of Tea-Time snacks is huge and interesting, simple and delicious. Snacks made at home are fresher than your store-bought stuff.

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Create an authentic atmosphere by serving spicy chai with those sweet Indian desserts.

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Blended Teas

Most packages of commercial tea are made up of a blend of fifteen or more leaves from different areas. There are also some rather special traditional teas that are blended.

  • English Breakfast Tea is a blend of strong Indian teas that gives a full - bodied and fragrant drink.

  • Earl Grey Tea is a blend of Keemun and Darjeeling teas flavored with oil of bee balm. The recipe was given to the Diplomat Earl Grey by a Chinese mandarin.

  • Russian Caravan Tea is a blend of fine teas from China, Taiwan, and India. It was originally transported to Russia from India via camel caravan, hence its name.

How to incorporate tea into your food?

Did you know that tea can be not only a beverage but also an amazing ingredient added to variety of recipes. There are so many creative ways to incorporate tea into your food! Try steeping tea in milk or cream for a unique flavor in your desserts like ice cream or custards. You can also use tea as a marinade for meats or tofu to add depth of flavor. Additionally, you can infuse tea into your cooking liquid when making rice or grains for a subtle, aromatic twist. Everyone has heard about hot toddy hot toddie and chai latte. Green tea can be used in smoothies, ice creams, breakfast foods like oatmeal, pancakes, or as a sauce, marinade, especially for the chicken. Pouching a fish in brewed green tea results in a great taste and aroma. Black tea is used to flavor smoking meats or marinade. In Panjab black tea is used to make Chana Masala. Get creative and experiment with different types of tea to elevate your dishes!

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