Rediscover Salads - New Ways to Eat Greens

You don't need to be vegan to love greens. Grilled meats, paneer, fresh vegetables and exotic dressings with new flavorful spices like tamarind, and new ingredients on the top that only few of so many options.

Salads can be vibrant, flavorful, healthy, and fun! They’re a great way to add color and freshness to any dinner table Experiment with different recipes, greens, and toppings as you go. One thing for sure, all salads will be loaded with flavor, vitamins and antioxidants.

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You must try these easy, quick and healthy salad recipes.

Do you believe that salads should be reserved for lunch or a dinner, and there’s no place for raw greens at the breakfast table. Breakfast salads can be all you ever need to get the most out of your morning meal. With protein-packed eggs, beans or chick peas, and greens hey’re packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber to start your day off with the biggest bite of flavor. give you energy boost.

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Fruit Salads are lighter and very refreshing, especially when chilled. In many cases, dessert salad is made with a mixture of fruits, as well as additional items to make it sweeter and hold the salad together such as gelatin or whipped cream. They are popular dessert for summery meals or outdoor parties and all kids love them.

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Soups, especially those made of lentils make a delicious and substantial lunchtime snack, perhaps served with Indian breads and salads. They are light, healthy and easy to prepare and most can be made ahead of time, then reheated until hot just before serving.

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Grow your Salad at Home

With these few products from Amazon you will be able to turn your kitchen or garden into everlasting food supply. The kits Include planting time suggestions, harvesting instructions and give you many ideas.

Great dressing can make salads taste even better. Skip the store bought stuff and pair your salad with one of these fresh, no preservatives, no additives salad dressing recipes.

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Lentils and legumes have impressive health benefits.
Lentils are an excellent source of cholesterol lowering fiber and they can manage blood sugar disorders preventing blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a meal.
Diets rich in fiber reduce the risk of many cancers.

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