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From street-side to à la carte: a visitor’s guide to Delhi cuisine

With Indian food reaching peak popularity worldwide, culinary tourism is a growing market in India. As the capital of India, Delhi is a paradise for food-lovers and one of the best places to enjoy a food tour of all the local specialities. Here are some tips on how to hunt down the best dishes in Delhi, to suit all budgets.

Chadni Chowk, Delhi by Christian Haugen

Street stalls

Delhi is well-known for its food stalls, and combining low-cost last-minute holidays with a cheap food tour of Delhi’s streets has got to be ones of the best budget options for a holiday here.

While popular Punjabi dishes like chole bhature are found in many urban cities in India, Delhi’s aromatic varieties are considered the best in the country. Other famous street foods are rajma chawal, prathe and chaat; look for stalls around Greater Kailash, Connaught Place and beneath the IIT flyover for a thorough education in Delhi street food. Just make sure you exercise caution for the few days if you’re not used to spicy food and let your stomach to adjust to the local palette.

Fine dining

Restaurants in Delhi serve dishes from all four corners of India. Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 restaurants in DelhiDakshinoffers authentic coastal specialities from the regions of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Prasdesh and Tamil Nadu. Idllis and dosas are two dishes that you shouldn’t miss here.

Elsewhere, Bukhara is an award-winning restaurant that serves delicious kababs and huge family size naan bread. Popular amongst the celebrity set, Bukhara is also one of the best places in India to enjoy tandoori delicacies.

Indian Accent not only has a cozy ambience but serves amazing treats such as shredded kolhapuri chicken salad, black pepper prawns, and dal gosht. Vegetarian specialities include potato sphere chatt and tadka vegetables.

Delhi restaurant, by Jonathan Lin

Food walks

If you’re looking to really make the most of the cuisine when you come to Delhi, you can interact with other food gourmets by joiningFood Enthusiasts of Delhi, a group of 3,500 members who meet weekly or bi-weekly for a gastronomic tour. Alternatively, vegetarians can join Red Earth, a group that has conducted many meat-free food walks through the streets of Khari Baoli, Parathe Wali Gali, and Paharganj.

Holly Bambledon is a food enthusiast whose inquisitive palette has taken her everywhere from Vietnam to Ethiopia. She also writes about wine-tasting tours in France and Italy.

India is a land of spectacular contrast, from the snow-clad mountains of the north to the steaming jungles and palm-fringed beaches of the tropical south, such as Goa, the most famous tourist place on the West Coast. Through the India’s subcontinent it is possible to meet the impressive archeological patrimony inherited by ancient civilizations that share testimonials of their art, costumes and development. It is true that the world India immediately brings to mind images such as the Taj Mahal, the Palace of the Four Winds at Jaipur, old Delhi, Budha and Ganesh artifacts, elephants, women in beautiful saris, spicy food sold in the street. Or nowadays, Darjeeling in northeastern India where the best tea in the world comes from, Bangalore - India’s silicon valley and Mumbai, lately called Bollywood because of movie industry - glamorous, glitzy, incredibly rich and hideously poor, a merchant city, where you can buy the best quality silk, cashmere, gold, diamond bangles and emeralds.

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