Fish & Seafood from Across the Indian Subcontinent

Fish and Seafood dishes represent some of the most important foods in almost all types of societies around the world. India as a peninsula with a large coastline benefit from having and excellent choice of fish.

Fish can be cooked in many different styles and in every conceivable way: poached or steamed, deep fried or pan fried, baked, grilled, broiled or smoked, spicy currries, creamy stews or fragrantly marinated kabobs. The fish is often cooked with skin, bones, giving the dish a full benefit of all the nutritional value, and also the most flavor from the fish. One thing fo sure: those dishes are equally delicious! The other reasons for this popularity are versatility and healthfulness. Fish is truly good for you, low in calories and high in protein. Easy to digest and naturally tender, fish cooks quickly no matter what method you use.

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The Most Known Fish & Seafood Recipes from India

"An interesting repertoire of unusual fish dishes: a great source of inspiration. A well-written and easy-to-follow book." —Independent

Fish, Indian Style

Atul Kochhar applies a simple but distinctive touch to more than 100 fish dishes in this innovative new cookbook. Tandoori-Style Salmon, Seared Scallops with a Lively Mint Dressing, and Sea Bass in Coconut Milk and Ginger sauce are just a few of the uniquely skewered dishes on show. His celebrated take on battered fish with mushy peas is included—John Dory wrapped in a batter spiked with turmeric, ginger, masala, and mango powder; peas flavored with asatoelida, and ketchup substituted for a grilled tomato chutney. It's typical of the book—a traditional dish transformed by an Indian twist. All of Kochhar's recipes showcase wonderful ways to present fish bursting with new and exciting flavors. Packed with exotic but simple recipes from one of the most exciting Indian chefs working today, this book also features stunning food photography.

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