Indian Appetizers and Snacks Recipes for any Occasion

Snacks and appetizers are an important part of Indian cuisine. They can be treated as appetizing savories to be served before a meal, as light dishes for lunch or supper, or they can be used as side dishes for a more substantial meal. The majority of them can be eaten hot or cold. Whether you are planning to serve an authentic Indian meal or simply want more unusual appetizer for Western style party or dinner, Indian favorites - such as Samosas, pakoras or Indian kababs will wake up your taste buds and stimulate the appetite. Finger foods never tasted so good!

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Top Indian Appetizers Recipes

Salads can be vibrant, flavorful, healthy, and fun! They’re a great way to add color and freshness to any dinner table
Experiment with different recipes, greens, and toppings as you go
You must try theses easy, quick and healthy vegetarian salad recipes.

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In India, there are some delicious soups, ranging from fiercely spiced to milder and more subtle in flavor. Soups are usually made of fresh ingredients and very low in fat & calories. So if you are on a weight loss diet you can surely add soup to your diet.

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There are many different types of Indian bread, all of which are interchangeable and can be chosen according to the taste. Stuffed bread can make a meal on its own or as served with a curry or chutney. Breads can be even used to make sandwich wraps.

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This yogurt based condiment can be mixed with vegetables or fruits. It's seasoned usually with spices like roasted ground cumin or along with some herbs. In India yogurt is relished at all the meals. It helps to cool the heat of spicy food. It is served as a side dish, dip or sauce.

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