Turn a daily necessity into a love affair with cooking!

Cooking was always the most important part of life. Now thanks to new gadgets and variety of choices it become even more interesting. Lovely, delicious meals on well-laid table, sharing drinks and discussing ideas, dreams or even everyday problems is worth doing our best to prepare dishes we all will love.

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Enliven your family menu with these recipes

Indian Food Basics

As there are often a lot of ingredients in a recipe, it is a good idea to measure them out and have them ready before you begin to cook, so that you are not held up looking for things at a crucial moment.

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No Indian table is complete without chutneys, providing extra flavor or piquancy. Chutneys — thick, sweet or sour, mild or hot are without doubt favorite accompaniment in every Indian regional cuisine.

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To add flavor to cooking, spices can be added to oil. Every region of India has its favorite oils, many of which not only provide fat for searing and sizzling but also infuse flavor, making dish to taste diffrent.

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Raita is yogurt based condiment mixed with vegetables, fruits. It is seasoned usually with spices like roasted ground cumin or along with some herbs. In India yogurt is relished at all the meals.

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