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Vegetarian menus


VEGETARIAN MENU to serve 4-6 people


Menu A.


Okra with Coconut Milk

Green coriander chutney

Dry spiced potato

Vegetable Curry, karala style

Vegetable biriyani

Tomato salad

Kheer - rice pudding



Vegetarians in India rarely eat eggs and get their protein from other ingredients. This menu contains an enticing assortment of vegetable dishes including one with a rich sauce (okra with coconut milk), one cooked dry (spices potato) and one cooked with rice (vegetable biryani).



Menu B.


Savory lassi

Deep - fried bread

Vegetable pulao

Lentil curry



Kheer - rice pudding





SPICY VEGETARIAN MENU to serve 4-6 people



mixed vegetable curry

Lemon rice

cucumber raita

Carrot cachumber

Fried papadams

Groundnut chutney

Soji halva













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