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Menu A.


Dal curry

Green Beans Toran

Cauliflower with Potatoes and Tomatoes

Meat curry with yoghurt

Shrimp Vindaloo


Mango Chutney

Soji halva


Shrimp Vindaloo is a hot and spicy curry, and this menu would be ideal for those particularly partial to hot dishes. Dal curry is very nourishing and full of protein, and served in conjunction with dry Green Beans Toran beautifully balances the different and exciting tastes of this meal. Potato and bread provide starch, and can be used to mop up the rich and varied sauces of the other dishes. For those who might find the Vindaloo a little too hot on its own, Mango Chutney can be deliciously sweet and soothing. Finally, the Soji halva is an excellent last course, providing coolness and sweetness.




Menu B.


Lamb with turnips

Okra with tomatoes

cucumber raita

White rice

Fruit salad



Menu C.


Chicken Chettinad

Lemon rice

Potato with curry leaves

Spinach raita

Fried papadams

Kulfi or sorbet



Menu D.


Goa fish curry or Bombay prawn curry with boiled rice

Potato raita with red chutney

Coriander and coconut  chutney

Fried papadams

Mango mousse



Menu E.


Mixed vegetable curry

Lemon rice

cucumber raita

Carrot cachumber

Fried papadams

Groundnut chutney

Soji halva









Menu A


Lamb Kababs

Saffron rice

Masoor dal

Spinach with paneer

Rasmalai kheer



Menu B.


Chicken dhansak

Pulao rice

Gobi aloo

Fried papadams

Avocado cilantro chutney




Menu C.


Chickpea curry

Yellow rice

Peas and carrots with cumin

Coconut chutney





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