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Indian Restaurant






Serving a meal


These dishes will serve 4-6 people on average, if they are presented in The Indian style. However to serve any of the meat of fish dishes in a Western manner - without offering a selection of side dishes the quantities may need to be increased accordingly.

A perfectly balanced Indian meal will have dishes that cover a whole range of flavor from mild to hot and from sweet to sour. Texture, too is considered. There will be dishes that are crunchy, soft, dry, moist, rough and smooth. Some will be served very hot, while others may be chilled.

Before a meal serve hot snack such as samosas or pakoras with a refreshing sherbet. It is customary to leave a gap of about 45 minutes in between this stage and dinner to encourage a good appetite.

To serve the meal itself put the main dish, such as a biryani or a special roast in the centre of the table and surround it with the other dishes.

Both bread and rice should be cooked in sample quantities.

When serving a very moist curry, first pour the sauce into the dish and then arrange the main ingredients. Garnishes are kept very simple, such as sprinkling of chopped coriander leaves or green chilies.

At the end of a meal serve one or a choice of sweets, followed by tea or coffee. After a meal it is common to serve small cardamom seeds in their husks, aniseeds, or betel nuts.


The following are suggestions for menus using recipes from, although obviously a meal need not contain more than two or three complementary dishes.



Suggested menu where some guests are vegetarian and other non - vegetarian  to serve 4-6 people


Menu A.


Chicken curry with coconut Manglorean - style

Cauliflower and potato curry

White rice

Stuffed aubergines

Tomato raita

Coriander and tamarind chutney

Fried papadam

Apple halva



Suggested menus for a lunch or informal dinner to serve 4-6 people


Menu A


Mango lassi

Plain rice


Chicken curry

Mixed vegetable curry

Cucumber raita

Lentil curry




Menu B


Nimbu panni

Chicken saag

Amritsari  fish

Lemon rice

Dal Makhani

Wholemeal bread

Coriander and tamarind chutney

Gajar halva





CELEBRATION MENU to serve 4-6 people


Menu A


Chickpeas with Mang and Coconut

Lemon rice


Whole roast chicken

Stuffed Okra

Tamarind chutney

Pineapple pudding

Indian bread pudding (Shahi Tukra)


This celebration meal centered around the whole roast chicken with delicately fragrant Lemon Rice and spicy Stuffed Okra as the main accompaniments.

Although this menu would suit those who prefer milder Indian cooking, it nevertheless provides a variety of contrasting and complementary tastes and textures. The chickpeas with Mango and coconut is crunchy and blends well with Buttermilk Curry (a popular Gujarati dish).




Suggested menu for a lunch or formal dinner to serve 4-6 people


Menu A


Thandai (milk and saffron sherbet)

Vegetable samosas

Chili pakoras

Rich bread

Tandoori chicken

Shrimp curry with coconut

Okra curry

Vegetable pulao

Vegetable raita

Mango chutney

Coriander and tamarind chutney

Kulfi ice cream

Gulab jamun         





Traditional non-vegetarian buffet menu



Meat with potatoes (jeera aloo salan)

Fish in mustard

Yellow rice

Chick peas

Cucumber raita

Tomato chutney






Menus to be served with Indian breads



Bhuna lamb or Lamb slow-cooked in onions and yoghurt

sliced breads

Onion with paprika

Raita of your choice

Gulab jamun




Menu B.



Lamb with pickling spices or Chicken pistachio korma

Paratha or Pitta bread (moistened, then heated in oven)

Cauliflower with ginger

Apple halva





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