What should you know before diving into cooking Indian Food?

This Indian food glossary provides terms, descriptions and photos of ingredients used in Indian food recipes.

Side dishes are an important part of every Indian meal. There are so many options out there! We rounded up some of our favorite sides, recipes and all, so you can enjoy your next BBQ or just 'get together" and stay on the healthy path without sacrificing flavor.

This illustrated by great photos guide introduces the most popular spices used in Indian cooking

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According to Ayurvedic theory, all diseases originate in the gastrointestinal tract, and are ultimately caused by decreased enzyme activity and poor digestion. Improperly digested foods are said to form a substance, that blocks the body's digestive and energy channels. Important is the balance between proper eating habits, nutritional food intake and regular exercises. Also, daily consumption of Ayurvedic health supplements improves digestive mechanisms, absorption and assimilation of food, enhancement of immunity system against common cold and respiratory infections, increase in memory retention, purification of blood, elimination of toxins, improvements in complexion and enhancement of protein synthesis in the body. According to ayurveda color of food resembles color of chakra.

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According to KamaSutra food is not only for the body but it is also for nourishing the soul. Across many different cultures certain foods have emerged with a reputation for being aphrodisiacs. Food and many other substances primarily affect us with a combination of various sensuous reactions - the visual satisfaction of the sight of appetizing food, the stimulation of their pleasing smells and the tactile gratification.
Although modern medical science recognizes a very limited number of aphrodisiacs, now we do know that there are certain trace elements like zinc that are important for complete health as well as increase sexual desire. There are many recipes, based on knowledge about food containing aphrodisiac proprieties.

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