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   Indian Appetizers and Snacks

Snacks and appetizers are an important part of Indian cuisine. They can be treated as appetizing savories to be served before a meal as light dishes for lunch or supper, or they can be used as side dishes for a more substantial meal. The majority of them can be eaten hot or cold.


Indian familiar favorites, such as Samosas - with both a vegetable and meat filling, pakoras, batata vadas as well as some more unusual tempting treats, such as Shrimp Sambal. Choose from the array of vegetable, meat, or seafood delicacies to wake up the taste buds and stimulate the appetite, whether you are planning to serve an authentic Indian meal or simply want more unusual appetizer for Western- style supper.>>


Kababs are skewered meats or vegetables, marinated with traditional Indian spices, cooked on a grill or even under the oven broiler. Kebabs can be made using paneer, chicken, seafood or even fruit. Indian kebabs are delicious, healthy and very easy to prepare. he trick to keeping the meat or poultry juicy and succulent is marinating it in yogurt.>>


In India, there are also some delicious soups, ranging from quite fiercely spiced to milder and more subtle in flavor. All of them would make a delicious and substantial lunchtime snack, perhaps served with some Indian bread, or as a start to a dinner party menu>>

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